50% off Blood Pressure & Heart Rate Monitor

Blood Pressure & Heart Rate Monitor with Automatic Digital Upper Arm Cuff by THZY – FDA Approved, Accurate, Fast, Vertical Placement, Large Display, Easy to Accommodate


  • INDIVIDUALLY TESTED – We test all of THZY blood pressure monitors individually for a guaranteed accuracy, which is the most important feature for this kind of device and offering you a reliable reading everytime.
  • EASY & FAST – These blood pressure monitor are made for a simple and quick monitoring with an easy setting and instant monitoring system design. Powered by 4 AA batteries or DC6V adapter, perfect for home use.
  • HEART RATE MONITOR – Recording your heart rate is one of the best function about this FDA Approved Blood Pressure Monitor, which allows you to know more about your health condition.
  • 2*90 GROUP MEMORY – 2×90 storage system record 2 users reading searately, up to 90 last readings for each user.
  • FEATURES – Automatic Digital Upper Arm Cuff fits Standard and Large Arms, Accurate, Fast, Vertical Placement, Portable and Perfect for Home Use, Electronic Meter Measures Pulse Rate.

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